27 Most Common Everyday Problems that Everybody Hates

everyday problems


There are so many everyday problems which people face, hate and still cannot do anything to avoid those problems. Yes, such problems do exist. These problems are really minor problems but sometimes people get irritated with these minor problems only.

Today in this post I’m going to talk about those minor problems only. Nobody in the whole world has the exact solution for these little problems. Different people try different ways to cop these everyday problems.

I’m not sure whether it happens to each and every one of you people or not but I can say these are really annoying problems most of the people generally face.

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List of Everyday Problems

Here we go with the list –

Ice cream melting

everyday problems: Ice cream melting

When toilet paper doesn’t rip properly

toilet paper

Tangled earphones

everyday problems: tangled earphones

Pencil’s not sharpening properly


Nail skin tags (Hangnails)


When paper doesn’t tear properly

everyday problems: tearing paper

Can tags breaking before opening

tin can

Dropping the spoon into the food bowl

spoon and bowl

Talking to people behind the glass

person behind glass

Over packaging

over packaging

Tape not ripping off right

cello tape

Clothes getting caught in the zip

Clothes getting caught in zip

Forgetting where you parked

everyday problems: man thinking

When someone pronounces your name wrong

wrong pronunciation

Butter not spreading on bread properly

everyday problems: butter bread spreading

Crystallised jam due to refrigerating

everyday problems: crystallised jam

Staying at a friend’s house and waking up first

wake up face

Confused between the two sides of USB plugging

usb port

Push/Pull confusion while opening the door

everyday problems: push pull confusion

Wet Toilet Seat

everyday problems: wet toilet seats

Labels and tags not peeling off properly

label not peeling off

Getting up and going to pee once in bed

everyday problems: person in bed

Running out of characters on Twitter

out of character on twitter

Unlocking the phone using pattern just because your hands are dirty and phone is not accepting your fingerprint sensor

dirty hands phone pattern

Specs blurry problem due to sudden weather change

everyday problems: blur specs

No idea what to do with the torn notes

torn currency notes

Rubbing soap on body and suddenly it falls on the ground

everyday problems: soap slipping


All the above mentioned problems really piss everybody. I am sure that I’m not the only one who face these everyday problems. Please do mention some other silly problems which you all face in your daily routine in the comment section.

If you have any question or any queries regarding this post or any other queries you are free to ask in the comment section.

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