What are the daily routines for fit and healthy body?

fit and healthy body

Talking about fitness, it is the most important thing in life.

Fitness is all we need today. Otherwise, there will be days when we’ll be regretting thinking about these days.

I am not going to talk about very masculine body which is made with gym. I am just going to talk about fit and healthy body.

There are ways by following which you can make your body fit and free from common diseases which are generally found in every other person.

In this post I am just focusing on what to eat and not about other tasks like exercise and all.

I am going to mention some steps. Try to follow those steps in your daily routine and you will definitely feel the change in your health and soon you will get fit and healthy body.

healthy diet

Steps to Follow

Step 1

Starting the day

Morning is the most important time of your day because you are starting your day to complete many tasks and you are fresh after a long nap and what you will do after getting up will determine what you are going to do for the whole day.

So start your morning with a glass of lemon water (lukewarm water will be better if used). This is just to reduce the acidic level of your stomach and also to reduce the diseases caused by high acidic level of body.

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Step 2

Breakfast Time

Now is the time you have to eat something which builds the power in your body to start doing your tasks. So, it should be a proper diet i.e. you should fill your stomach completely and start your day.

For a healthy diet you can eat either of the given below –

  1. Vegetable Dalia
  2. Sprouts Salad
  3. Poha
  4. Vegetable Oats
  5. Upma

If you eat eggs, you can add bread omelet (brown bread preferred) in the above list.

If you like to eat chicken during the breakfast period, you can eat chicken sandwich or chicken roll in the breakfast.

Step 3

Lunch Time

During the lunch you should take proper diet i.e. Chapati, rice, vegetable, curd, salads, and everything but less oily.

For healthy diet during lunch time you can eat –

  1. Lemon Rice
  2. Khichdi
  3. Peas Pulao
  4. Rice with Kidney Beans
  5. Sweet Potato Toasts
  6. Avocado Salad

The above list doesn’t include any non-veg item, these are all pure-veg dishes.

If you want some non-veg dish to be added in this given list, you can add crabs in the avocado salad that will improve the taste of the salad. Also, you can have chicken soup in your list.

Step 4

Dinner Time

This is the time when you are done with your works and you will be on you bed after sometime. So, this is the time when you have to eat something which is easily digestible. Also you have to eat something very limited, because at night your body functions are slow and it comparatively takes more time to digest the food.

At the dinner you should eat –

  1. Sabudana (Tapioca) Khichdi
  2. Masoor Dal Soup
  3. Mashroom Soup with Mixed Vegetable Salad

The people who are health freak they can eat something which contains Paneer or Chicken.

For an intake of high protein, you can eat mutton curry with 2 chapati.

Step 5

Before Bed

The dinner should be done 2 to 3 hours before sleep.

Just before the sleep there are things you can eat –

  1. Almonds
  2. Walnuts
  3. Kiwi
  4. Warm Milk
  5. Honey

These items help our body to get good sleep. These items release amino acids which produces serotonin, helping our body to sleep easily.

Note: These all items which I have mentioned are not fixed i.e. you have to eat these compulsory. You can eat every other item which is healthy and reduces unnecessary fats from the body and pushes you towards fit and healthy person.

Also, it is not fixed that you should only eat this much. You can eat in between these meals i.e. after breakfast you can eat something like fresh fruits or juice. Similarly, after lunch you can eat or get some drinks.


Every person is not same. Some people require more protein and less crabs, some require more carbs and less protein or any other essential for the body.

So, it all depends on the need of the body. You should first analyze what your body require then according to that you should follow the diet chart.

My above mentioned list contains just the basic items which many people can adopt. You can change that according to your body requirements.

Also, if you have something to say related to the diets plan and want to share somethings, you can share that in the comment box. I would love to share your thoughts with everybody.

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