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first copy watches

To proceed with this article, I would first tell you guys about first copy watches.

What is the first copy?

Most of the people ask this question “What is the first copy?” First copy is the thing which is neither the duplicate one nor the original. It is in between these two.

For instance, if I am going to buy an original watch, I guess there will be chances that the seller will give me the warranty card or something and that watch will have a warranty or some exchange offer if some fault comes. Also the quality of the machine used in watch will be absolutely fantastic.

On the other hand, if we buy a duplicate watch, most of the times the seller will not be responsible for the watch one bought. If the seller provides some warranty card, there will be conditions written on it. Even if you are an experienced in identifying the faults, there will be some quality issues in the watch.

Here comes the role of first copy watches. First copy watches are those which are neither much expensive nor cheaper. Also the quality of material used to manufacture those watches is high.

Pricing Differences

We can say for instance, if I go to market and purchase an original watch of Rolex, it will probably cost around $6000 (around ₹4,00,000 in Indian currency). On the other hand, if I go for a duplicate watch, it can cost as low as $100 (around ₹7,000 in Indian currency) or so. But, if I buy a first copy watch, it will cost a minimum amount of $1500 (around ₹1,25,000 in Indian currency) depending upon the quality of the item.

This was just an example. I’m not sure about the prices in the market but yeah, this total situation is completely try that duplicate watches can cost very less as compared to the original as well as the first copy watches.

Who can afford?

I will not say that everybody can afford these watches, but yeah I must say the people who like to wear brands but sometimes they are not able to afford those due to money issues then there comes the role of first copy things. I think there are first copies of almost every expensive product in the market whether clothes, shoes, watches or other wearable accessories.

First copy item has now become a brand in itself as the cost of the item purchased is not in the category of cheap things. Everybody cannot even afford these first copy items. And the quality of the item purchased has some standard.

Identification of Product

Talking about the quality of the first copy items, if you don’t know about the original item’s quality in depth, you will not be able to differentiate among the two i.e. original and the first copy. Unless you are an expert in the identification of the items, you cannot recognize the differences.

This can be a tough task for the people who don’t know much about the products. So this is an advice from me that if you don’t know much, please take help from some acquaintance who has good knowledge in this identification process otherwise it will cost you much higher than the normal range of the item.

First copy watches are the exact copies of original ones. Talking about the differences between the two, you can check the quality of the machine, quality of the strap used, or even the battery quality of the watches, you will be able to differentiate if and only if you have mastery in identification of original brands.

Qualities of 1st Copy Watches

Some qualities of 1st copy watches are:

  • Price under budget
  • Long lasting
  • Warranty of 1-2 years
  • High quality material
  • Replacement warranty
  • Resale value

I personally have a tremendous experience of 1st copy watch which I bought 1.5 years back. I haven’t faced any single problem since I bought the watch.

Disadvantages of 1st Copy Watches

Every item has negative points. Many people who are rich enough to purchase original items, they are the one who always throw bad reviews for these first copy products.

Some bad talks about these watches are:

  • Low quality than original product (although not identifiable easily)
  • Sometimes machine stops working
  • Strap or the chain used has poor quality

Places to Buy 1st Copy Watches

Now coming to the main part of the article on which the whole article is focused on and people have come to read i.e. Best Places to Buy 1st Copy Watches.

The truth is, you cannot really differentiate between the two places. There are people who have made this a huge business. They sell first copy watches on the prices same as that of the branded watches. Normal people are being looted by this way. So I would suggest you guys that you should not buy from unknown places unless some trustworthy person recommends you.

There are many online stores where you can easily buy these watches without hesitation because those online stores are well established and trustful.

Talking about Indian market, there are so many places where you can go and make a purchase of 1st copy of your desired brand watch.

If you are expert in checking the watches, then I’m suggesting you guys some of the markets of India where you can buy those watches.

Markets in India

  • Heera Panna, Haji Ali, Mumbai
  • Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh, Delhi
  • Vardaan Market, Kolkata
  • Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai

These mentioned areas of different cities are famous for so many reasons. There in the market you can buy almost every single item for your daily use. Also these markets are famous for selling first copy items like bags, shoes, watches, clothes and many more accessories.

I will again say, if you are not expert please don’t go alone to buy otherwise you will be looted by the sellers.

Online Places to Purchase 1st Copy Watches

Talking about online stores there are so many websites where you can visit and buy watches.

I’m not talking about original brands because you can buy those original brands from official websites of the watches. I’m here talking about the first copy watches. These watches don’t have any official websites because these watches don’t have their own brand. They are built on the name of other high standard brands.

Some famous websites where you can buy these watches are:


    The website was first launched in the market in the 10th month of 2013. The website is mainly focused on selling luxury brand watches and bags. The design of the website is so simple that you can easily find the brand you want.
    The brands which are mainly available on the website are,
    1. Armani
    2. Casio
    3. GC
    4. Gucci
    5. Fossil
    6. Diesel
    7. Guess
    8. Omega
    9. Rolex
    10. RADO
    11. TISSOT
    gucci watch
    and a lot more branded watches are available here on their store.
    Also talking about the ladies bags, the brands available here at the store are,
    1. Aldo
    2. Balenciaga
    3. Chanel
    4. Burberry
    5. CK
    6. Mango
    7. Zara
    and lot more. There are numerous variety of brands which you can purchase from this website.
    The good thing about this web store is the review section of the website. The sellers of the items pay attention to collect the reviews of the customers. There are a huge number of original reviews of the customers who have bought from the website.
    So you can first check those reviews of the customers then you can go for shopping from the web-store.
    Another advantage of this web-store is that cash on delivery is also available for the products.


    The website was first launched in the 10th month of 2015. The main focus of this online store is on selling first copy of branded clothes, watches, sunglasses, shoes, bags and other accessories.
    a) The brands of watches include,
    Rolex; and many more brands. All these watches have very affordable prices which normally people can purchase.
    b) Sunglasses brands include,
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Marc Jacobs; and others.
    c) Ladies handbags and other bags include the brands,
    Jimmy Choo
    d) In the clothing items the main brand which this online store sells is VANS clothes. You can visit the website and checkout the clothing section.
    e) Talking about the shoes, there are a number of brands like,
    Gucci; available at the store.
    All the above items whether they are watches, shoes, clothes, bags or sunglasses, all are available under an affordable price range.


    Timeszen is totally focused on selling first copy watches. The website was first launched in the 5th month of this year i.e. 2019. And the website has seen a tremendous growth in the sales. There is a high demand of first copy watches in the market. Watching the demand in the market and the Timeszen has focused on selling 1st copy of every brand watches. The brand which Timeszen sells include,
    El Toro
    hublot watch
    and many more. As this website is completed focused on selling watches, you can have a wide range of brands as well as wide range of price. Also you will find big discounts on the watches.

  4. Limeroad

    Limeroad is a brand in itself. I think many people have heard about this big name in the shopping world. Limeroad deals in clothing, shoes, bags, watches and other accessories. Limeroad has a mobile application with more than 50 million downloads. This can be enough to explain how big this brand is.
    diesel watch
    Limeroad also deals in big range of first copy watches. There are more than 10 brands watches are available on the limeroad app which you can directly purchase. Also it provides many offers on these items.


    This website was launched in 2018. The main focus of this website is on selling luxury men and women watches.
    There are more than 15 brands watches for men and 10 brands watches for women available at the web-store. People who want to buy 1st copy luxury watches they can directly contact the sellers through the contact number provided and also there is a direct WhatsApp message option on the website. You can directly reach through that also.
    There is a proper cancellation and refund policy of this website i.e. you can get the amount you have paid for the product if you cancel the product. Also there are some points on cancellation and refund policy, you can check them out and then place your order.

There are a lot more web-stores which provide first copy watches and other 1st copy products at very affordable price range.

Now the people are getting smarter day-by-day. If these online stores are doing any kind of fraud with the common people, they are being caught very fast. This is just because of the rapid growth of social media.

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Concluding this article by simple words that many people are nowadays smart but some are still living the simple life. So if someone tries to do some kind of fraud others should help that person.

And talking about the first copy watches, these watches are in demand in a very huge amount just because of the quality of the items used in manufacturing these watches.

While purchasing these watches you should do proper checking because you are the only one who will be responsible for the item once you have purchased.

So if you don’t know about all this, please ask someone to do the favor for you. This is the only way out to secure your money from the fraud people.

These days it has become a trend to show what you are wearing, so these first copy watches are the right choice for you all to buy because it will not bring trouble to your pocket and the standard of these watches is superb.

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