5 Ways to Create Peace of Mind

peace of mind

The very first step in the process of creating peace of mind is to know what is PEACE OF MIND.

According to John F. Kennedy, “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”

Also, according to Melchor Lim, “The minute you stop overwhelming your mind with caring about what everyone else thinks, and start doing what you feel in your heart is right, is the minute you will finally feel freedom and peace of mind.”

So, peace of mind is not just a one-time thing, it’s a journey. Some people understand this fast and some take time.

Now, talking about how to get the peace of mind, which is the main reason why I’ve started this article. Although this will take time but if you follow the below given steps, I think you can achieve a state where you can say ‘Yay! I’ve got inner peace.’

1. Communication

Communication plays an important role in getting peace. If you are angry with someone and you are constantly fighting for every small or big thing. There will be days when you’ll feel that you should’ve not met that guy.

How communication works?

In between the fight take 2-3 deep breathes.

Try not to change the topic because changing the topic can make the other person angrier.

Try to say sorry if you want to end that fight.

If you think you have not done any mistake and the other person has done something wrong, try giving general examples not related with any known person but some general facts which can elaborate the mistake properly.

If you will continue to do these things, I am sure you will definitely win in the fight. And there will be no fights.

2. Let Go

There are many things on which we don’t have control but thinking about those things makes us really-really depressed.

A general example is “I have interview today, it’s raining outside. Whenever I have something special to do there are these things which stop me. This always happens to me!!!”

You won’t achieve something by complaining about this type of stuff on which you don’t even have control.

Try letting go these situations by finding other solutions like communication with the interviewer to reschedule the meeting or some other thing.

3. Thinking about Personal Happiness

Many people who are free or don’t have any tasks to do, start talking about others. This makes others unhappy. If you are the one who feels like the victim of such situations, don’t worry.

First of all, see what you are doing. Everybody know what works are right and what are not.

So if you are doing something right and you have confidence that it’ll work out, then you don’t have to worry about the other people.

Think about your personal happiness. If you are happy with a person and you know he/she is right in his/her way but others are saying somethings wrong. Don’t listen to them. Try avoiding those people and their talks.

If you are happy inside, you will definitely make your loved ones happy. This can only be achieved by not thinking about other people’s words.

4. Spend Some Time Alone

This is very crucial and very important task to do.

Spending some time alone will definitely make your mind relaxed.

It is very tough because different people have different thinking ability. Some people feel very hard to spend time alone.

How to do?

Spending time alone is tough task but slowly this is can be done.

If you are alone and you have a lot of random thoughts roaming in your head, try writing those thoughts on a paper. If those thoughts are totally random and have nothing to do with the future plans or anything burn that paper. This will really calm your mind and you will stop thinking about those thoughts.

Alone time will really improve your thinking skills. So try spending some time alone.

5. Meditation

Most powerful source of peace of mind is Meditation.

Seems very simple but the toughest to task to do.

One who has mastered the meditation can never feel low in his life. Meditation mainly works on Focus. If you can focus on something you can meditate and vice versa.

How to do?

Select a point anywhere so that focusing on that point shouldn’t pressurize your mind i.e. just a normal point.

Now try to focus on that point thinking only about that point. This seems simple but when practised, it is really hard. If you are getting some random thoughts, your focus is disturbed.

Start with just 1 minute focusing, and gradually increase the time.

I am sure this process will leave no doors open for negativity and disturbance.


In the end, I would say peace of mind is nothing but choosing what is right and who is right. What makes you happy is the thing which will ultimately give you inner peace.

Don’t focus on the others words, people say many things and will continue to say such stuff. You just focus on what makes you really happy.

Sticking on the stuff which doesn’t have any help in your long run gives you frustration. Try avoiding that stuff.

Thanks for reading. If you really liked the words, share this with your friends and family.

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